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Let me succumb to my misfortune. Heighten me when im ready. Im scared I'd be a one-hit wonder. I'd die first before the so-called normality of the journey arrive. I never cry me a river, i cry me a fucking ocean. Full of dead fishes and plastic bottles.

Let me know how to feel good about my being, or the cuntery of this bullshit world will fuck me up.

Every human being know to "never give up". A million-century old saying that's probably not even a saying anymore. But giving up can be a necessity. Knowing to give up at…

Novel Telegram karya penulis Putu Wijaya merupakan novel dengan moda naratif stream of consciousness, di mana bentuk dan gaya penulisannya mencoba untuk mengilustrasikan rasa dan alur berpikir seorang karakter secara natural dan mengalir. Pada umumnya, gaya berpikir manusia sangat abstrak dan berisik, berpindah dan melompat dari satu pikiran ke yang lain, dan novel ini sepenuhnya sukses dalam menggambarkan itu. Dalam menggunakan gaya stream of consciousness, aliran pemikiran tokoh utama yang kerap rumit dan abstrak, berhasil ditulis menjadi sesuatu yang indah dalam ambiguitasnya sendiri.

Penggunaan gaya naratif stream of consciousness otomatis dapat memperkaya karakterisasi tokoh utama; di mana saat alur cerita…

When Joseph Frank Keaton was just six months old, he slipped down a wooden ladder. Like a champ, Little Keaton immediately stood up with neither pain nor shock. Incidentally, a friend of Keaton’s parents, Harry Houdini, was there to witness it. Houdini picked him up and gave him a charming little nickname, Buster. The word “buster” is meant for something so substantial that it makes it easy to break something. Without knowing it then, 20 years from this occurrence, Keaton would embark on an incredible film career in which he would do things not far from that nickname’s meaning.


Robert Altman in Altman (2014)

Choosing an all-time favorite filmmaker has always been a challenging task for me. In reality, cinema is far too diverse and filled to the brim with countless unique voices to choose or narrow one filmmaker as an ultimate favorite. The same with genre, era, or wave; it is simply too hard to pick one.

I discovered my love and appetite for film when I was a kid. Since then, deciding a singular favorite filmmaker has always been a dynamic thing. It keeps changing and changing. So, in the end, I decided never to choose any filmmaker as my favorite, so…

Sidney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon (1975) is a crime drama film starring Al Pacino and John Cazale. This film discusses many things, from the phenomenon of bank robbery, popularity, the psychological effects of people being held hostage to the harshness of marginalized groups treated poorly by society — however, the film’s redlining theme is miscommunication itself. Or specifically, the conflicts that arise from miscommunications. All brought up and then unraveled through a single almost real-time event. A terrible bank robbery.

Bank robberies in popular cinema are often depicted as incredibly stylized and intricate. However, in this film, a bank robbery…

“Each picture has to have a definite point of view, Jerry,” said Fritz Lang, playing the character “Fritz Lang” in the film Contempt (1963) by Jean-Luc Godard. Taking on the role of a European director who is incredibly persistent in carrying out his cinematic vision is not a far-reaching characterization compared to the actual Lang. As one of the pioneers of German Expressionism and Film Noir, Lang is often dubbed as “The Master of Darkness”, Reflecting on the uniqueness of his film’s form and style, which explores the extremities of human darkness.

In the late 10s, triggered by the end…

Bintang Panglima

An aspiring filmmaker and film writer based in Indonesia. Start a conversation with me through my e-mail:

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